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nSequence® Guided Implant Software - West Palm Beach, FL

A Proactive Approach to Your Implant Surgery

Expertise Guided by Surgical Software

Dental implants provide the most durable tooth replacement option today, helping to significantly improve oral health, dental function, and smile aesthetics. 

Before any of these benefits manifest, however, certain steps of the dental implants treatment process must be met with great skill and precision. Until recently, surgical dental implant placement relied almost entirely on the doctor’s own judgement and experience. 

While experience is still critical in implant dentistry, today’s advanced technology, such as nSequence® guided implant surgery software, lets us take a proactive approach to your treatment, helping us prep, plan, and carry out surgery in a digital and virtual setting before carrying out the physical procedures. With this software, we are able to provide a higher level of precision and accuracy throughout your entire treatment process. Dr. Mitchel Senft chooses to integrate this guided implant surgery software into his treatment process to attain these levels of precision and accuracy and ensure his patients receive better implant care.

Is Guided Implant Surgery Really Better?

Like a GPS benefits travelers on a lengthy trip, nSequence®  guided implant surgery software allows us to map out, in great deal and very specifically, the best path to take to return your mouth to full function and health with dental implants. By utilizing these technologies, we can create personalized treatment plans that reflect your specific needs and smile goals. During the actual surgery, the guides designed for your procedure are used to place your implant(s) in the most precise location in your jaw bone. Everything from the depth of the implant post to the precise angle and trajectory can be digitally planned before the day of surgery. For large surgical procedures, such as for TeethXpress® , this precision placement is crucial for the overall success of the implants and final restoration. If you are concerned with the dental implants process, we invite you to learn more about nSequence software and what to expect by scheduling a consultation at our West Palm Beach, FL office!

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The Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Higher accuracy of implant placement
  • Increased success rate of implants
  • More streamlined treatment process
  • Safe, comfortable patient experiences

Our treatment is backed by the latest technology. Trust us with your care.