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General Dentistry in West Palm Beach

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South Florida Sedation Dentistry provides general dentistry services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Call 561-967-2001 or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a collection of treatments and procedures that are offered by most dental practices for the average patient. It could also be considered basic dental care because it includes common services that are frequently required. Preventive care and some restorative procedures fall under the general dentistry category.

Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry services provide many benefits:

  • Improve and maintain dental and oral health. The main goal of general dentistry is to improve and maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Regular dental cleanings remove plaque from your teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Early detection of dental or oral health concerns. Another key part of general dentistry is diagnostic services. A thorough oral exam will identify any potential problems that need to be addressed, such as cavities or abnormal growths that could be cancerous.
  • Improve overall health and wellness. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between oral health and overall health. Gum disease and tooth decay are related to heart disease and diabetes. General dentistry can help you maintain and improve your oral health, which in turn improves your overall health and wellness.
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Treatments and Procedures Offered

Preventive care. Regular dental cleanings and exams are considered to be preventive care because they serve to prevent problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Fillings. When plaque builds up on the teeth it can eat away at the enamel causing a cavity to form. A filling is used to repair the cavity using tooth colored material for a natural look.

Root canals. The pulp (soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves) inside a tooth can become infected, resulting in the need for a root canal. The procedure involves removing the pulp and replacing it with composite resin to remove the infection and prevent reinfection. Root canals can also be done proactively to prevent an infection from developing.

Gum Disease Treatment. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue caused by plaque bacteria. It can be treated with a variety of methods including scaling and root planing. Periodontal maintenance can keep gum disease from returning after treatment.

Crowns. A crown is a protective cap placed over a damaged tooth. It allows the natural root of the tooth to remain in place and prevents further damage.

Bridges. A dental bridge can replace one or more adjacent teeth that are missing or damaged and need to be extracted. It consists of two crowns that are placed over the existing teeth on either side of the gap supporting one or more artificial teeth between them.

Oral Health and Wellness

Oral health is a key part of overall well-being and physical health. We believe that excellent oral health has a significant impact on our patients’ lives and provide services to help our patients maintain or improve their oral health.

Why Choose South Florida Sedation Dentistry?

If going to the dentist is not a pleasant experience for you, we urge you to visit us at South Florida Sedation Dentistry. Our compassion and understanding of patients with dental anxiety is just one way we differentiate ourselves from other dental practices. We specialize in sedation options to help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. With a modern approach to dentistry, we are changing the way patients think and feel about going to the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you go to the dentist?

Dentists recommend scheduling appointments every 6 months for dental cleanings and exams. This is the ideal time frame for plaque removal and early detection of dental and oral health concerns. Insurance typically covers preventive care appointments at 6 month intervals.

How often should you brush and floss your teeth?

The average patient should brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. If you have a high risk of tooth decay or gum disease, it may be better for you to brush and floss more often, such as after each meal. We will make a recommendation for oral hygiene based on your individual needs.

Can sedation be used for routine appointments?

For some people, even regular dental cleanings are a source of anxiety. Sedation can be used in any situation to help you relax and feel more comfortable. Talk to us about your fears and concerns and we’ll do our best to make it a positive experience.

Instead of a filling or a root canal, can I just have the tooth pulled?

Some patients would prefer to have a tooth extracted rather than repaired, but we always recommend saving the tooth if possible. Cavity fillings and root canals are simple procedures that can restore the health of your tooth and allow it to remain in place. If you are anxious about the procedure, sedation dentistry can help.

To learn more about our general dentistry services, call 561-967-2001 or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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